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We help small businesses Digital Marketing and Web Design. 

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How we can help you?

Digital Webhero provides Digital Marketing and Web Design services for small business owners.  We live up to our name by being a Champion for Small Business Owners.  We provide modern, mobile-friendly web design which is customized to suit the personality of your business.  We specialize in providing Lead Capture and Chatbots with all of our Web Design projects.  As a result, we level the Digital playing field for small business owners to compete with Franchises and Large Corporations. 

  • Web Design

    We create modern and mobile responsive websites using the latest technology.  We will take your content, logo, brand colors, and pictures and deliver the best product possible for enhanced customer experience.  

  • Landing Pages and Funnels

    Obtaining new customers is one of the many strategies to grow your business.  We will sit with you and carefully craft the perfect offer to get customers in your door.  

  • Social Media Management

    Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are the biggest players right now but new platforms are being created all the time! You need to have your business where people are looking! 

  • eCommerce

    E-Commerce is steadily growing and it is a huge opportunity for even small business owners. Let me help you launch your E-Commerce dropshipping store.  You can customize your site with your own brand colors and logo. 

  • CRM Management

    CRM (Customer Response Management) Are you collecting emails?  CRM ties in well with Lead Generation.  Capture the email, deliver the offer.  The Sale is in the Follow-up!  We can help you create an email sequence to follow-up with your customers. 

  • Facebook Advertising

    I personally Love Facebook Ads.  It is one of the more affordable methods of advertising and your ideal customer can be targeted so your ad is being shown to your audience.  Can track outcomes and retarget those who clicked.  

We use our Digital Marketing and Web Design Super Powers to Create and Manage the Internet Identity for your Small Business, providing YOU the Owner the Time and Freedom to Focus on your Business.


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What clients say

It is such an honor and pleasure to get to help people with their businesses.  There is no greater joy than knowing my work has made a difference in their business. 


Candice Kowalewski, LMBT

"Patricia is an absolute joy to work with! She truly listened to my ideas and hit the nail on the head with my vision. My website is beautiful and exactly what I envisioned. I highly recommend! 👌🏻" 

denise coates

Denise Coates, LMBT

"Patricia is truly my “HERO”!
Her professionalism, expertise, attention to detail and branding my site to display my professionalism, values, character has allowed my potential clients to feel safe to reach out to me and book appointments even before they meet me. As a Mobile Licensed Massage & Bodywork Therapist, these traits are crucial for my business. started getting hits immediately after it launched!
Thank You Digital Webhero!"


Mina Nasser Carey

"She created my website
I’m very impressed by her . I would highly recommend her to any who needs help with the website design !!!!"

Who is the Digital Webhero?

Search Engine Marketing Certification
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The Digital Webhero is someone who truly loves helping small business owners.

I began my career as an Operations Specialist for Dunkin' Brands.  In high school, I discovered I had a knack for operational attention for details and I manifested a Corporate career with Dunkin' after graduating college.  My role was to help Franchisees improve their operations and profitability, open new stores and launch new products and programs.  It was my dream job and I loved it! After a couple of years, I received a promotion and became a training instructor and taught new franchisees the process and procedures of operating a franchise.

While I was a training Instructor at DDU (Dunkin' Donuts University) I had heard a couple of stores were for sale in Wilmington, NC where I graduated from College.  My life changed paths after that phone call and I became a Dunkin' Franchisee in 1994.  We grew from 2 to 4 stores and sold our stores in 2010.

Since the sale of our stores in 2010 I had been searching for my "NEW" passion.  I helped my husband with his business. I opened and closed a business.  I taught Personal Finance in High School.... and the whole time I was teaching I was looking to find my true passion again.  I had to do some soul searching and really wanted to go back to my origins and help small business owners.  While I was teaching I started to explore the online world and digital opportunities.

Nothing makes me happier or gives me more pleasure than being able to help a small business owner.




The Digital World is always changing. You don't want your business to be lost on the internet.

Can't I just do it myself?

Why Do I Need to Hire a Digital Marketer?

I am a huge DIY person.  I grew up with parents who always did things themselves to save money. At ages 76 and 75 they are still doing their own landscaping and painting.  I hate paying for things I can do myself... I totally get it! 

In the last 10-15 years the Internet has exploded!!!! The Digital World is complicated...SEO, Google Rank, Keywords, Social Media, Content, Facebook Ads, Google Ads. There is a lot to learn on your own and it will distract you from your business.
When I had my Business back in the olden days when a customer needed a service they reached for the big heavy Yellow Book...The Yellowpages!
Today, All they do is take out their phone and do a Google Search!

If your Internet Game is not solid you are missing out on Potential NEW Customers!

More and more Business Owners are to going to realize they need to embrace hiring someone to handle this aspect of their business... just having an Accountant and an Attorney is just not enough anymore. 

Superhero Business Team

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